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Custom Wood Dice

Get your own set of laser engraved wood dice. Choose one of our designs or talk to me for a custom personalized set.

Pandemic themed block dice for fantasy football

This is my approach to deal with this whole mess. Take it with a smile and get ready to roll double gas masks...

Laser engraving

I use a Snapmaker to get the precise engravings on our dice. After a lot of prototyping and tinkering, I now have a reliable, feasible workflow to make your dice nice to roll and look at.

Color and Finish

The dice can be colored with food safe colors. I will mix the colors to your liking. Light colors work better with the dark laser engravings.

All dice are finished with a mix of linseed oil and beeswax from my family's own hives. This helps to make the dice nice to touch and protect them from sweaty palms. Bees are awesome!
(Yes, that's me on the left. Hi!)

Custom Dice

We are going to find the right symbols for your ideas. There is a lot of free to use icons to choose from. Your own drawings can also be used for the dice. I'm happy to try out anything on spare dice that did not make it through QC so you know what your dice will look like before buying.

Pricing and Shipping

Pandemic themed block dice (3 block dice + 2 D6) 12,5€Custom dice 2,5€ each
For larger quantity of dice we can arrange a discount, please get in touch.

Germany 3€
European Union 5€
Rest of the World 9€

Tracking is not included. For other shipping methods and tracking please get in touch and i'll give you a quote.

The preferred way of payment is via PayPal but we are open for other options.

Orders, comissions, contact

There is no online shop or anything that fancy yet. Just use the contact form below or send a mail. You can also follow Manifested Miniatures on Twitter and Instagram. Links below.

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